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Parents Views on the Nursery

"We feel very lucky to have been part of the Jelli Tots community over the last 4 years through first our daughter and now our son. The staff are hugely experienced and we are so grateful for all the love and care they have shown our children and their little friends, especially through all the difficulties of the pandemic. Their attention to detail and ability to recognise each child’s individual needs is incredible. We’re always impressed with the diverse range of activities that the children get to experience including gardening, cooking, performing, crafts, languages, sport - even farming! But there’s also consistent emphasis on developing the childrens’ social skills and successfully teaching them to respect others, both the staff and their piers. The regular text messages Jelli Tots send are a great way of keeping us updated and enable us to talk to our son about what he’s been up to at nursery. The childrens’ log books are both a very effective way of allowing us to feel involved and a lovely record that we will treasure. And the staff are so approachable and willing to share their expertise. This is just a brief summary of some of the fantastic things about Jelli Tots. It’s no wonder our son is so excited to join in the fun every morning"


"I am so grateful that our twins attend Jellitots

Such a responsive, safe, nurturing, fun and caring environment with a range of thoughtfully planned activities reflecting both the curriculum and individual interests of the children and most importantly supporting them to thrive in their personal, social and spiritual development -the basis for all learning and experience. My twins especially love their yoga sessions and singing and often demonstrate at home.

The learning journeys are a joy to read as well as being a helpful resource in home-school communication

All the staff are very professional and approachable and I feel we are well supported as a family

Wendy took the time to hear my concerns and questions during the decision making process of accepting places at the nursery and the settling in process was professional, gentle and safe during such a stressful time as a pandemic. This filled me with assurance that we’d made the right choice of nursery for our twins. They are very happy at Jellitots"


"My daughter joined Jelli Tots at the age of 4, after having spent the previous year in another nursery. The reason I decided to move her, was due to the fact I wanted to prepare her well for School start and had also heard some amazing recommendations about Jelli Tots. What particularly drew me to the nursery was the balance between learning and nurture, as well as nature and social development: this is the magic that Jelli Tots truly has as a nursery: the perfect mix of these key ingredients.

The settling in period was exceptional and I was given daily updates and felt fully looked after by my daughter's key worker. The care and attention given to ensure my daughter settled in well and that I also felt comfortable was superb: this made the settling in period very short and easy.

Although my daughter has only been at Jelli Tots for 6 months, it is exceptional how much we both feel part of the Jelli Tots family; again this is down to the warm and friendly

environment the nursery has and the environment it then creates with parents/carers. The Jelli Tots team are quite a special team and immediately fill you with confidence that your child is not only in very good hands but very loving ones.

My daughter has flourished over the last 6 months. The Yoga and especially the French lessons have been a major success and I am amazed at her french vocabulary but more importantly how much Jelli Tots has taught her that learning is fun. Learning how to get on with a new group of children and how to deal with new and often challenging emotions has been supported so well by the team at Jelli Tots and I have seen her confidence and social skills grow so much in this relatively short period.

The importance of nature and being outdoors is also quite unique with Jelli Tots: the allotment visits are always a big hit.

It is hard to know really where to stop with praise for this exceptional nursery."


"Wendy and her team are exceptional. Incredibly responsive, always go above and beyond, and make sure our daughter is being supported and challenged."


"We are always greeted with a smile. It feels like a family. In more than a year I have never had an interaction with anyone in the team that wasn’t warm and lovely. Our daughter’s learning is amazing to watch. Everyday she comes home excited to share what she learned. Singing me songs about the days of the week and please and thank you, testing objects around the nursery to learn what is magnetic and not, how she celebrated Diwali, Chinese New Year, the learning is creative and effective."


"Our daughter always has a great time and has been supported to have real friendships and never reports any bad interactions with peers or staff. The kids all seem calm and happy."


"We receive personalised updates with photos of what she is doing with thoughtful details to help us feel connected and track her progress but we also have informal chats with her key worker at pick up and she shares both the good and bad updates and we strategise together as to how to be aligned in addressing challenges and celebrating success."


"We couldn’t rate the nursery more highly. It is not within walking distance for us, there are a lot of closer options and we absolutely plan to send our new baby when he is old enough to attend."


"We have been absolutely delighted with Jelli Tots and the experience and care that our child is getting there. From the very first visit where I found a team of warm, smiling staff, and happy, engaged kids who were laughing and smiling through their activities. I knew straight away that my daughter would love it there. The house visit before she started confirmed the choice with Wendy and Maggie being so organised with their bag of toys and how well my daughter responded to them both. Since then we have been more than happy. She loves going to nursery. She wants to share things from home with her key worker and she has built a wonderful group of friends."


"We love the text updates of what the children have done during the day and the activity/progress log. The range and quality of the activities is excellent and diverse. The team is great at spotting when a little more support for child or parent is needed and it is always communicated with compassion, understanding and reassurance. We have appreciated and benefited from the advice on school applications and toilet training and have really felt like we were part of a bigger community through the work of the nursery. At drop off every day I know that she is going somewhere where she’s happy, cared for, valued, where she is stimulated, has fun and is surrounded by friends."


"My son, started at JelliTots nursery in January this year. Selecting a suitable nursery for him was an extremely difficult decision for us, as we had previously experienced a very ‘below average’ nursery within the same area. We found this this nursery via a recommendation through a friend, and were very impressed upon visiting Jelli Tots. Wendy was extremely informative, helpful and reassuring, especially as we had shared and discussed our past nursery experience. Since joining Jelli Tots, our son has developed leaps and bounds. His speech has improved considerably, as well as his interest in reading. We have been so impressed with Jelli Tots, that we have recently increased his hours from half day to full day. I feel the main positive factor differentiating Jelli Tots from other nurseries in the area is the ‘settling in’ period. Prior to starting the nursery, the assigned key worker visits the child’s home to familiarise themselves with the child (and vice versa) this ‘ice breaker’ works wonders with the child, hence when the child starts nursery on their first day - they already have a sense of familiarity. I would highly recommend this nursery."


"Jelli Tots provides us with a wonderfully warm and supportive nursery for our son. His older brother also attended Jelli Tots six years ago, and coming back to the nursery after that time away I was struck by how familiar it all feels – most of the staff working there now also taught our first son, and I think it speaks volumes about the place that so many of the staff stay for so long. It feels sort of like an extended family; a genuinely caring place and the ideal setting for him to have his first experiences of discovering the world outside the home. He has a fantastic time there with his friends and teachers and I know they will do a brilliant job over the next few months of preparing him to move on into his reception year at school."